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Finally out, the first of four videos from my performance with the Irving Symphony Orchestra! Below are some teaser reels,  for the full 4k version, Please click here: Russ Hewitt & Irving Symphony Orchestra: BYZANTINE

Conductor – Hector Guzman
Orchestra arrangement – Bob Parr

Lead guitar – Russ Hewitt
Rhythm guitar – Nick Jones
Drums – Efren Guzman Mejia
Violin (electric) – Emily Burak
Bass – Bob Parr
Percussion – Ricardo Tagiaferro

Video filming and edit – Joslin Dsouza
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Audio mixing – Bob Parr
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A special thank you to:
Share & Mark Markel at Analysis Plus Cables (Black Oval) and QiJACK (Stereo input jack); Vinni Smith at V-Picks Guitar Picks (Lite medium gauge) ; David Sestito at DLS Effects (RotoSIM) ; Nick-Kelly Gutierrez at BBF Custom Pedalboards, Paul Shedden & James Lebihan at Mission Engineering, Inc.; Brian Neunaber at Neunaber Audio Effects (Immerse pedal) ; Peter Janis & Jim Rhodes at Radial Engineering Ltd. (ToneBone PZ-Pre) and Primacoustic (Broadway Panel); Robert Godin, Fred Di Santo & Simon Godin at Godin Guitars (Grand Concert Duet); Bill Wenzloff at Morley/Ebtech (Volume Pedal & HumX); John Clark at Voodoo Lab (Power Pedal 2 Plus); Mat Ninat, Philippe Guyon, Mehdi Kessou at Savarez Strings (520 R, Tomatito T50R) ; TC Electronic (Flashback) ; Electro-Harmonix (Black Finger)